• 45 days 01:44:46
    Fight club Ahil
    Welcome to Fight club Ahil. Here you can train mixed martial arts with professionals trainers.
    10.00 €
    11.00 €
  • 43 days 00:25:46
    Dirt track
    We are open every day. Come and ride on your own risk. We don't provide any equipment.
    50.00 €
    55.00 €
  • Horse riding lessons
    Apolon have the best horses on the island. We Offer Horse riding lessons, with professional teachers. You can buy daily( two hours) ticket or Monthly. Every monthly tax cover 30 hours
    80.00 €
    88.00 €
  • 74 days 12:42:46
    Limassol Scuba Diving
    The advanced open water takes you above and beyond the entry level courses. After you become a fully certified Advanced Open Water Diver you will be qualified to dive down to a maximum of 30 meters.   You will experience all dives with a fully trained and insured PADI instructor, and we are here to guide you into the deeper water in a calm and ...
    400.00 €
    440.00 €
  • 186 days 16:10:46
    Моторни шейни сафари
    Our selection of snowmobile safaris range from 2 to 6 hours, and are suitable for everyone with a car or motorcycle driving license). All of our snowmobile safaris are led by professional guides to give you a safe and unforgettable experience in the breathtaking nature. Choose from a thrilling snowmobile safari where the emphasis is on driving ...
    40.00 €
    44.00 €