Guide for Website users Guide for Event Managers

Guide for Website users

How to cancel booket tickets at Sussam?

If you want to cancel a ticket you have already bought, follow the steps below.

How that happens?

Every Event Manager, sets his own refund policy for each event or offer. He has to give your money back if his refund policy allows that.

If your purchase could be refunded go to page 'My tickets'.

In category bought tickets, next to each one is a button 'Dispute'.

Click on it and in it's open window for a personal conversation with the seller.

Text him about your refund request. When your refund request is confirmed from the seller, the ticket will be unavailable and the seller has to send your money back following his refund policy.


Contact us immediately if seller do not follow his refund policy.

How to send ticket to friend at Sussam?

You can find all tickets you bought at page 'My tickets'.

Next to each tickets is button 'Send Gift'.

When you press that button is opening window with  your friends list.

Choose the profile name you want to send ticket as a gift and press send.

The ticket will be send to his gift box and he will become to be owner of the ticket.


I buy a ticket at Sussam, where is it?

When you make payment for any ticket, Sussam generate identify ticket for your purchase.

Your ticket is QR code. This code contain all the information about your purchase. Your names and the names of the seller.

All paid tickets are generated in the page 'My Tickets' category 'Booked'.  


Here you can find all tickets you already bought.

How to use my ticket i bought at Sussam?

You can use your ticket from your registration, downloaded on your phone or you can printed.

It is not important your choice, depend on you. To get access to services you paid for, you have show your ticket at the venue.

Your ticket will be seen and checked. The tickets contain all the information about your payment.

When your ticket is been checked, it will be activate - used. This is single and irreversible process. After activation of your ticket, you cannot used second time.


How to buy ticket in Sussam?

View all events, use filters by location, categories or search by keywords.

Choose the right event you want to visit or services you want to use.

Read carefully the description field and refund policy before making your purchase.

If you have any questions about services you want to buy, don't hesitate to contact the seller who has published that event.

Choose the most suitable ticket for your needs. To buy the ticket you have to register. You can use your Facebook or Google account to login or fill Sussam registration form.

Information you share with us is necessary for your purchase.

This information is transferred automatically in your purchasing form.  

Choose the date you want to use your ticket and quantity of tickets you want to buy.


At the end you have to pay with Paypal.

Guide for Event Managers

How to edit event you made at Sussam?

When you want to edit event, go to page 'My tickets'.

In category sell, you will find all event created by you.

Each one of them have button 'Edit'. Click on it and you can edit all the information about your event.


When you finish, just go to the last page and click publish. That way you will save the changes you have already done.

How to create successful event at Sussam?

To create an event that works for you, sells your services, you have to follow next steps.

Create strong describe topic. It have to be interesting. This is the first thing your potential customers will understand for your services.

You have to earn them by highlighting their events remaining to turn potential customers into current.

Choose the most suitable keywords for your events and it will be easier your event to be found. This is not an easy exercise and you must be careful.

The gallery and the leading photo of your event must be interesting but realistic too. The leading photo is the face of your event.

It is only up to you to choose and public the photos that present the atmosphere of your events best way or describe your services clearly enough.

The description of your event must be detailed. If the user had found the description of your event, you have already earned him as a customer with your leading photo and title. Now the customer must get to know what he will get if he buys a ticket from you.

Give a plenty of details about your services in description. If your customers speak different languages, make several events in different languages.

Use the text editor to visualize your text with titles, subtitles, additional information etc. Add links to your publications, your personal website and sources of information you have used if you have used such sources.

This will rise the rating of your publication and they will be set on first places in the database of any searching engine. Don’t forget to add information about your refunds policy.

You can create unlimited number of tickets for each of your events. It would be better if you create different tickets to satisfy the interest of each one of your clients. Each event must be with a major ticket. This ticket is considered by the system as first default.


How to receive ticket bought at Sussam?

When somebody buy a ticket from you through Sussam for your event or services, he/she gets his ticket as a QR code.

This code could be presented to you from mobile device or to be printed.

You have to scan the code with QR scanner. This is a free application for mobile devices.

The QR code contain link where you can find all the information about the bargain:

The Event Manager who has sold the ticket, the date of using, the price of the ticket and the Paypal registration that has received the money from payments.

Please check out all the information for any issue.

When you confirm yourself the ticket is bought from you- activate it. This is irreversible process.

The ticket cannot be used second time and you improve delivering the services.  


Do not activate tickets which are not bought from you.

How to write refund polycy for my events at Sussam?

Writing your refund policy about your event is very important part of creating event in Sussam.

When a user views your event, promotion or offer, he/she has to   trust the conditions of the bargain.

While you are setting the conditions of your refund policy, you have to consider your business too.

You can do refunds till one day before the event.

You can refund percentage of the price of the ticket.

You can refund all money no matter of the day your customer  have asked for it.


There are a lot of variations how to set your refund policy, but you have to consider your customers and your business both.

When i get paid fot sold tickets at Sussam?

Every Event Manager fills in a registration form. In the last field he/she fills in his email registered in Paypal.

Sussam has integrate Paypal API server. This server send each user, to pay his ticket to Paypal registration of the seller of the currently event.

Every user can see who he/she is paying and ask for refunds in case of problem.


Straight after payment, money go directly to your account.

Why my event at Sussam is deleted?

Your events, promotion or offers can be deleted from Sussam team in case of next various situations:

You are violating the copyright of third part. They contact us and improves their rights.

Event you have created is not following the rules and regulations written in the terms and conditions of using Sussam platform.

User who has bought a ticket from you reports some of the following problems with your event:

-Description of your event or offer do not match with those you serve.


- You are not following your event refund policy .