Sell tickets, vouchers and coupons with Sussam without taxation on the sells.

Welcome to Sussam - the platform of the present.

We not just offer services for selling tickets online, but we give rise to the communications on the Internet to a different level.

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For your business to be online on Sussam it is necessary for you to register and create events and tickets for them.




There are two types of registrations on Sussam: “User” and “Event Manager”. To be able to sell: you have to register as Event Manager. The information required goes down to a minimum just because we respect your confidentiality.


As every user in a social network: you need a name, business or individual – and it is not a matter of concern for us. And also, email and telephone number, which are mandatory for communicating with you.


Last thing is the payment field. There you type an email already registered in PayPal at which you wish to receive money from sells. Payments are automatic and you receive money from a sell on your PayPal account.

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After you activate your registration: you get access to all the Sussam services according to the selected time period. You can select different subscription plan: for month, three months, six months and a year.

Pick the most suitable for your needs. If your business is seasonal – you don’t need annual subscription, do you?


You are now user of Sussam who can buy and sell. You can create events, you can call them also products, it doesn’t matter. You can create unlimited number of events. You have no borders.


If you have all the information for the event, it will take you couple of minutes to create it online. Just have to press the publish button and it gets available for all users, spontaneously.

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Create different tickets to give better choice to your customers. Again, the number is unlimited. 

Every ticket generated from the platform Sussam is identical QR code. This code is received by the buyer and is used for making the deal between buyer and seller.

With scanning the code, all the information for the deal and the involved parties is visible. Activating the ticket is single and irreversible process which means that the sell has completed.


You can use your registration even after expiration of the subscription plan but your events would not be accessible for the rest of the users. You can renew it whenever you wish and chose between any.


Sell tickets, vouchers and coupons with Sussam without taxation on the sells. The only taxes you pay for are the one for transactions in PayPal.



We don’t want to stop your business but to help you grow it and respond to you customers standards. Find all the information and statistic on your sold tickets and control your sells. Send free tickets as bonus or just invite someone free to your event.


Sussam is social network where you can buy and sell tickets, add friends and communicate with them in the chat, but this is only for helping the users to find the right place and people in the reality for them.



Make a profile, gallery, events, tickets, use the partnership program and you are making step forward in Internet sales. Quick, easy and secure, Sussam will be near you in the welcoming of any new event.

Register as Event Manager and pick up your plan. The world of Internet Sales, awaits. 



Event Manager

Registration in Sussam which gives

you possibility to sell tickets.




How to sell ticket

Start selling tickets in

2 minutes.




Get paid

How and when you get paid for

sold tickets.




How much cost

Sussam is a free of charge for

sold tickets. Just subscription tax.




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