Start making money online without any investments. Affiliate program with 25% comission.



What is affiliate marketing in Sussam platform?

This is our program that allows each user register in with Event Manager form to receive a commission, make money online, for recommending our services to another user.

What kind of services?

Sussam is a platform for buying & selling tickets.

In order to do it, the users must be registered as an Event Manager first.

Each sign-up is activated by subscription.


When someone pays an activation subscription through your call with one of the tools, you receive 25% of the paid subscription.


how does it work affiliate program Sussam

How does our affiliate program work?

At Sussam all payments are made via Paypal.


We've integrated an API server that automatically transfers payments to each user, depending on their role.

Let’s say that you send an invitation to your friend to use Sussam's services and he registers  as an Event Manager. Then he pays his subscription to use Sussam selling services. He/she buys one of the activation packages on his/her account.

The integrated PayPal API server automatically send your commission of 25% to your Paypal account.


This is how you earn money online without investment.

affiliate users

Who can use Sussam affiliate marketing program?

Any user registered with Event Manager form, can use the affiliate program.

You are not obligated to activate your account. Let say you don't have to pay any subscriptions.

To register as an Event Manager, you must have a Business or Premium Paypal account.


On this account you will receive your commission.


How to use our tools to earn money online?

Sussam provides three tools to promote your link.


personal link to affiliate program sussam

 Your personal link, which you can copy to the clipboard with one click.

This link can be used in different ways:

- creating publications on social networks. In this situations, you have to make engage post. Your goal will be to make that post,more popular.

This could be a topic that will bring some benefit to your audience.

One tip

Most popular and workfull method to bring more value for your post is by using video.

-publish your personal affiliate link into blog comments. In this case, to succeed you have to put the link at the correct blog, related to the topic of the article.

No one user will give attention on useless link in wrong place.

- you can send the link in a private message to a friend.


When you know the right person, this is the right way.


 send email affiliate program sussam

The next tool is sending an automatic email on your behalf to an email you have entered.

When you click "send email" button in the box enter the address, which you want to send an invitation to register at Sussam.

He will receive a standard letter on your behalf with an invitation to become a Sussam user.


Any signs of spam advertising will be penalized.

use affiliate baners sussam

The third tool with which you can make money online with Sussam is the banner ads.

To use this tool you must own a website or a blog.

How it works?

We offer several standard sized banners that you can use.

To integrate them into your site, simply copy the banner code and paste it into the page code.

Every code contain information about your affiliate link and you can track it.

Stylish design, fit in any website or blog.


If you can not handle the integration of the code, please contact the company or person who supports your site.

sells statistic sussam affiliate program

How to track sells?

Below the advertising tools, you can find all statistics of your activity.

You can monitor the behavior of all three instruments.

For each one, you see a number of visits, registrations, and paid activations.


By following these statistics, you can easily find out what your winning campaigns are - posts, sent emails or banners on your blog.

best ticketing system sussam

Why users will choose Sussam for selling ticket online?

-creating an unlimited number of events, offers, and promotions.

- determine the conditions of your event and offers.

- no commissions for sold tickets.

- choice between four subscriptions depending on the needs of the business.

-safe and instant payments. Paypal.


To find out more about how Sussam helps you to grow your business, visit.





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