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Using the affiliate (partner) program you can earn commissions from any sell of subscription you make. How is this happening? You register as Event Manager without paying the tax. This means you have your own link which to track. And what is there to be tracked? Sells, of course. You can publish that link on Internet, wherever you wish and if someone pays through it subscription, than you get automatically on your PayPal account – your commission- 25%.

Make Facebook group or page and make publications. In deed, interesting topics which will attract readers and you feel strong in it – exist. You can also use other tools offered by Sussam. Sending automatic email to a user. He or she will get invitation from your name to register in Sussam.


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You have website or blog: copy the code of a banner you like and paste it on your pages. Sussam is offering the Top 5 of the most popular sizes on the Internet. Design with style which gives all the information about the offer, suitable for all kind of websites: from news sites to blogs with food recipes.

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We offer the best quality services for ticket sales on the Internet.

The cost of these services is the most competitive in the market.


You get your income from sale immediately in your PayPal registration.







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