Make promotions of your services in Sussam or buy those one you want to use. Buying or selling, no matter what you need, we will satisfy your needs.



Sussam is the platform where you can easily buy or easily sell tickets for services or event.

How that happens?


Sussam is a platform, where everyone registered by the correct form, User or Event Manager, can buy or sell.

If you need only to buy tickets for events you have to choose User registration.

Event Manager registration allows you to create event offers or promotions. After publishing your events they become accessible for all the users for buying.

We make happy all the Users finding their favorite services on the best price and Event Managers finding new customers.


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Why to choose Sussam?

User who want to buy ticket for an event or services, have to choose the ticket that satisfies his needs and the date of using the ticket.

Payment go cross Paypal. Easy, secure and fast.

Business owners who want to sell online cross Sussam, have to fill form of creating event. The time you fill all the fields and click button finish, your offer or event becomes online.

In help menu you can find guideline for successful practices how to create an event.

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What is the difference between Sussam and the other platforms for selling and buying?

Sussam is not just a platform for events. Sussam is a platform where you can share your experience with the rest users.

Every registered User or Event Manager has his own profile page.

Yes, Sussam is a social network. Create gallery with albums. Write posts. Find new friends. Communicate with them with messages. Send them tickets, as a gift.

Why do we need that all?

To create network where everybody can find the best for him/her.

Let's look behind the code.

Sussam is a platform with an adaptive design. It is easy to be used on the desktop computers and mobile devices as well. No matter what is your browser or operating system. We integrate a microdata- for all events you are creating, to be easily find from search engine robots: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex.

All the information about the registered users is secure under directions of GDPR.

You can use Sussam in all the countries where you have access to Paypal.




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