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The terms used in this declarations are has the following meaning.

“Drenkovi” Ltd.

The address of the “Drenkovi” Ltd. Company central office and its government is – Varna, 9000, Bulgaria municipality Varna, district  Varna, region Primorsky Luleburgas street,1 entrance G, ap. 8

VIC 200802002


Sussam is an internet platform created by Drenkovy, operating through the domain www.sussam.com


purchased services under certain conditions in the form of QR code


The Product is a advertisement of services.


A User is a person or a legal entity who is eligible, has filled one of the two possible registrations forms, has signed this agreement and has received an account in Sussam as a result of all of these. Drenkovy provides the services of the site through the domain according the conditions of this agreement.


A Costumer is a user who buys Sussam services.


A Seller is a user who sells his services through Sussam


Dispute is the communication between the costumer and seller that activates if there is a problem with the products bought.

Event Manager

registration Sussam allowing users buy and sell products.


Sussam partner network.


This declaration is written in Bulgarian language. If a conflict in the translations and the languages exist, the leadership is to the Bgtext.

Last edit date 9. 12. 2016.

This declaration concerns rules and rights. It is based and expresses the main principles of Sussam and regulates the process of usage of the platform of its users. If you use our site you accept this declaration and its future changes that will be announced in 10 days after the change. If you still use the site in 10 days after the changes we accept that you adopt this changes and stay our user.

Sussam is an open platform and is not in charge of the information uploaded of the users is it authentic and appropriate. We will try to save the good name and properness of our site but we will need your help too.

Confidentiality, usage and registration

The confidentiality of your dates is a very important for us. Fill in the registration form and create your user name and password to use Sussam and its services. You have to provide information about your name, email, phone number etc. for your registration. We need it to contact you if you are interested of our site and services. Sussam is the only owner of this information.

You mustn’t give false personal information.

You mustn’t create more than one account.

You mustn’t create a new one without our permission if we have already deactivated your previous one.

You are not allowed to use Sussam, if you are not over 18 year old.

You have to maintain your current dates.

You have to save your password your own and not to allowed another person to use it.

You mustn’t provide your account to another persons without Sussam’s agreement.

You won’t brake the law or other people’s right through Sussam.

Sussam is authorized to remove each information that is concerned as braking the law or braking this declaration.

How to buy services through Sussam

If you have bought something from Sussam, the information about it will be send in the order forms automatically. You recive a number of your order and another information concerning it. If we have some troubles with it, we will contact you. Each order obligates you to buy the service and only the decision in the dispute allowes you to cancel it or change it.

If you want to buy something in Sussam, you have to follow 6 steps.

Step1 – Choose the services you want to buy and read the information about it carefully.

Step2 – Choose the most appropriate ticket yourself.

Step3 – Log in/Register(The user has to log in or to register his/her account).

Step4 – Choose the day and date of your event. They are fixed by the Seller.

Step5 – Go over the order and confirm it.

Step6 – Finish the order and buy your ticket. Use Pay Pal to activate your order of services. You will receive a confirmation email. If you need some help use the Help tool in our site.

Each ticket is a valid only after payment.

Every visitor has to protect his/her ticket until the end of the event, He/She  has payed for.

If you exit the event you have payed for, you can enter again only with your ticket. No stolen, lost or demaged ticket are refunded.

How to use the Dispute tool?

A client suitable over the terms of the site can open a Dispute to a current event. This button will be active 48 hours after the date fixed on the ticket bought.

If the seller and customer can reach an agreement they may send email to info@sussam.com

A ticket might be refund only if the event didn’t happen or is delayed. The cost (your hotel bill, your travel tickets) can not be refunded.

Regulations in article 50-56 of the Low on the Consumer Protection and the right of the costumer to return the goods back to the seller in 14 days, are not valid for tickets for entertainments article 57, point 12 of the LCP)

Sussam is a mediator between the Seller and Customer so if the Seller is not able to provide Costumers purchase, Sussam refund the price of the ticket.

Delivering and reception

The tickets are virtual and are generated by QR code. You can download this code using your account whenever you want.

If you  don’t see the code of your ticket, call us to check the status of your order. We use the number of your confirming email order and we are able to check its status.

Services sold by Sussam

Each user register in our system is able to create as much products as he wants and sell them. You use the instruments that Drenkovy provides in the site when you create your product. The other users costumers use the same instruments to buy your products. The seller is in charge of providing the services that are bought by the Costumer, who has bought a ticket. Costumer has to scan the QR code of the ticket he/she has bought and to activate it. That is how the Costumer finishes the deal. Each costumer can open dispute to negotiate the new terms and conditions of the deal. The seller is obligate to give a responsible answer. Revenues from the sale come in your PayPal registration immediately after the payment made. Any comprehensive customer is entitled to demand compensation if you violate the terms of the transaction. You assume the terms in this declaration, creating products in Sussam.

Sussam products rules

Prohibitted products are this one that:

Break the Law, other people interests, authors rights or they are immoral.

Products with porn content or what ever sexual behavior.

Products that damage one’s personality, or summon to hatred violence.

Refusal and refunds of your money.

Each Event Manager is authorized to formulate the conditions to refund costumer money himself. These conditions have to be formulated according the law and the gist of event defined observing the law. If the organizer has set some conditions to refund costumers money the conditions at the moment of barging is valid. If the organizer didn’t set any conditions-this agreement is valid. Sussam allows the organizer to public and realize events in conditions of no refund of costumer money. Each user and costumer can insist a compensation if there are some disparities concerning  the ticket for on event or services he has bought. It is possible in 5 days of the date of the chec ticket. All the payments in Sussam are realised in PayPal system. In case of problem, refusal or unrealized event you should get in touch with the PayPal user you have payed. Sussam stores and saves information about all the seals in the system.


This program is opened for all the Event Managers in Sussam registered with Business or Premium PayPal account. Each user possess his own link to receive a fixed commission of annual subscription he has sold. The price of this subscription is 120 euro and the commissions is 30 euro.

The affiliate users have to:

Observe the law on internet trade.

Not to violate copyrights of third parties.

Use the promotional materials that Sussam provides just in case of explicit consent.


You will receive an invoice for each annual fee you have payed till the end of current month. The invoice will be send as an email to your email address  registered in Sussam.

Surveys and competitions

In our site we may invite you to take a part in some polls, appeals and competitions. You can participate in it voluntary, so the information used and necessary about it is voluntary submitted too. We use your dates, given in these survey and competitions, for recalling the canners, monitoring of the traffic in the site and to fill our mail list of the willing users.

The information submitted will be used only for us.

When we provide your dates to a third side.

We us an independent courier services and financial organization services of credit cards and registrations to realize your orders. These companies don’t use this information for another goals exept the previous one.

Log files

Information that doesn’t identify the users individually is collected in log-files. This dates are used for analyzes and administrating the site.

Other site Links

This website contents links to another sites that aren’t Sussam’s property. We are not in charge of the confidential politics of this sites.

Braking of this agreement

The user is informed that this agreement may be broken when ever he/she wants. Drenkovy authorized block a user account and stop the offering of his services:

If the user breaks the terms of this agreement.

The user damages the rights of other users or Drenkovy’s rights.


 A text or images published of the user are with negative influence over Sussam’s functions and image. Drenkovy is authorized to remain Law breaking illegal offensive, wrong, immoral content or texts that breaks the general terms of this agreement. Drenkovy is able remain this text/content and/or to block the user publisher account.