These GENERAL TERMS shall settle the relations between Drenkovi EOOD, referred to as SUSSAM.COM, on the one part and the users of the websites and services, found on domain https://sussam.com/ (hereinafter referred to as Users), on the other part.


Drenkovi EOOD is a company registered according to the Commerce Act of the Republic of Bulgaria under company number (EIK) 200802002, with head office and registered address: Varna City, 9000, Primorski Borough, 1, Lyuleburgaz Str., entr. 4, apt. 8, e-mail address: info@sussam.com, phone: 0879090305


Please read these Terms of Use before using the information and business services offered by https://sussam.com/(hereinafter referred to as the Services). With the visualization of domain.com, each user automatically agrees to follow the terms described below.


               This document contains information for the business of SUSSAM.COM and the general terms for using the services provided by SUSSAM.COM and governs the relations between us and each of our users.


The acceptance of the General Terms is a required and mandatory precondition for concluding a contract between the user and SUSSAM.COM.


By accepting the General Terms, the user agrees to have their personal data processed based on the contract between them and SUSSAM.COM. Such data include full name, telephone, address and e-mail.




Art. 1. The services provided by SUSSAM.COM to the user constitute information society services within the meaning of the Electronic Commerce Act.


Art. 2. On the website https://sussam.com/ users may conclude contracts for the service provided by the partners of SUSSAM.COM.

(2) A partner is any natural person or legal entity regardless of its legal form, availability of due registration or other conditions, that offers goods or services through the website to the users. Partners are fully liable for the goods or services they provide and must follow all requirements in connection to the protection of users and the personal data protection.

(3) SUSSAM.COM carries out intermediary activities and does not provide an end good or service to the website user but provides its platform (website), through which users and partners may conclude contracts for sales of services or goods.



Art. 3. (1) Users use the interface of the SUSSAM.COM website to conclude contracts for any offered service.

(2) The service contract is considered concluded from the moment the order is confirmed.

(3) The user chooses one or several of the services offered by the site.

(4) It is necessary for the user to select a method and time for paying the price and then confirm the order through the website interface.

(5) When completing an order, the user receives an email confirmation that the order was accepted.

Art. 4. (1) The partner can refuse to conclude a contract with an incorrect user.

(2) SUSSAM.COM and the partners have the right to treat a user as incorrect in the following cases:

1.      the user does not observe the General Terms of the User;

2.      incorrect, arrogant or rude behaviour to the representatives of SUSSAM.COM or the partners;

3.      the user has regularly abused the system.



Art. 5. (1) The prices of the offered services are those posted on the website of SUSSAM.COM at the time of completion of the service except in the cases of an obvious mistake.

(2) The prices of services include VAT in the cases where VAT must be charged.


Art. 6. SUSSAM.COM retains the right to change at any time and without notice the prices of the services offered on the website and such changes shall not affect any orders already placed.


Art. 7. (1) SUSSAM.COM can provide discounts for the services offered on the website according to the Bulgarian law and regulations, as determined by SUSSAM.COM. The rules that can be applied for such discounts are present at the place where the discount is shown. Discounts can be provided in different forms (such as promotions, loyalty discounts, provided individually, randomly or as a result of the participation in a contest or customer survey).

(2) The different types of discounts cannot be combined when ordering and buying the same service.




Art. 8. (1) The user can pay the price of offered services by using one of the options listed on the website. https://sussam.com/ allows payment via PayPal through which the payment directly reaches the partner.


Art. 9. If the user chooses a payment method that includes a third party - payment services provider, the user may be bound by the terms and conditions and/or charges of such third party.


Art. 10. SUSSAM.COM is not liable if any method of payment including a third party - payment services provider is not available or does not function in any way due to reasons beyond the control of SUSSAM.COM.




Art. 11. (1) (1) The user may cancel a contract without a reason and without paying any penalty within 14 days starting from the date of conclusion of the contract for the service by the user.

(2) To exercise its right hereunder, the user must clearly inform the partner for its decision to cancel the contract by individualizing the services by providing all data for the completed order, including but not limited to: content and value of the order, data of the person that has placed the order, etc.

(3) The partner shall publish on its website a form to be used by user when exercising the right to cancel the contract.

(4) To exercise its right to cancellation, the partner shall provide to the user the option to choose whether to fill in and send a standard cancellation form electronically through the website or to resort to any other means for expressing an unambiguous statement. In these cases the partner shall immediately send to the user confirmation for receiving its cancellation on a permanent carrier.

(5) When the user cancels the contract and the partner has already incurred expenses to complete it, the partner has the right to withhold the relevant amount of the expenses or to demand their reimbursement.


Art. 12. The user cannot cancel a contract in the case that:

1.      it refers to providing services, and the service has been completely provided and its completion has started with the explicit preliminary consent of the user and confirmation on its part that it knows it will lose the right to cancellation if the contract is completed entirely by the trader;

2.      it refers to providing services for accommodation not intended for living, transport of goods, rent-a-car, catering services or providing services connected to entertainment if the contract has a specific date or term for completion;

3.      it refers to providing a digital content that is not sent on a material carrier, when the completion has started with the explicit consent of the user, who has confirmed that it knows it will lose the right to cancellation in this way.


Art. 13. The partner shall refund the price paid by the user.



Art. 14. (1) The user has the right to file a complaint for any inconsistency of the service with the purchase order/agreement.


Art. 15. The user can lodge a complaint for a poor service nevertheless the manufacturer or trader has provided a commercial guarantee.

(2) A complaint must be lodged within 14 days after detecting inconsistency of the service with the agreed parameters.


Art. 16. (1) Complaint is submitted verbally using the phone number provided by the partner or in written form through the provided email, by mail or delivery to the address of the company. The partner provides access to a complaint form on its website.

(2). (1) When lodging a complaint the user must point out the subject of its complaint, the preferred method of satisfaction of the complaint, respectively the claimed amount and an address, phone and email for contact.  

(3) When lodging a complaint the user must apply the documents the complaint is based on, as follows:

1. receipt or invoice;

2. protocols, acts or other documents determining the inconsistency of the service with the agreement;

3. other documents establishing the reason and size of the complaint.


Art. 17. Lodging a complaint does not prevent submitting a claim to the court.


Art. 18. (1) The partner shall maintain a register of complaints. To the email provided by the user shall be sent a document showing the complaint number in the register and the type of service.

(2) When the partner satisfies the complaint, it shall issue an act for this, which shall be made in two copies and one copy must be provided to the user.




(2) When copying or reproducing the information beyond the permissible limits or in the event of any other breach of the intellectual property rights on the resources of SUSSAM.COM, SUSSAM.COM has the right to claim for compensation for any direct and indirect damages in full size.

(3) Aside from the cases when it is explicitly agreed upon, the user cannot reproduce, change, delete, publish, distribute and discloses in any other way the information resources, published on the SUSSAM.COM website.


Art. 20. (1) SUSSAM.COM shall make all efforts to provide to the user normal access to the provided services.




Art. 21.  SUSSAM.COM has the right at its own discretion to terminate the contract unilaterally without a prior notice in case the provided services are used in breach of these general terms, the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and the common ethical norms.


Art. 22. (1) Except in the cases provided in these General Terms, the contract between the parties shall be terminated also if SUSSAM.COM stops its operation or when it stops supporting the website.


Art. 23. Outside of the above cases, each of the parties may terminate this contract by sending a one-week advance notice to the other party in case of non-performance of the contractual obligations.


Art. 24. The written form of the contract is considered observed by sending a message through e-mail, pressing an electronic button on the page with content that is filled in or chosen by the user or by ticking out a field (check box) in the website, etc. provided that the notice is written technically in a way that allows for its reproduction.



Art. 25. The parties declare that in case any of the clauses of these Terms appears to be invalid, this will not invalidate the entire contract or other parts of it. Any invalid clause will be replaced by the imperative norms of the law or by the established practice.



Art. 26. (1) SUSSAM.COM must inform its users for any change of these General Terms within 7 days  after occurrence on the email address given by the user.

(2) When they do not agree with the amendments in the general terms the user can cancel the contract without giving a reason or paying compensation. To exercise this right, the user must inform SUSSAM.COM within one month after receiving the notice under the previous paragraph.

(3) In case that the user does not exercise the right to cancel the contract as provided by these general terms it is considered that the change was accepted by the user without any disagreement.



Art. 27. any matters unsettled herein shall be governed by the provisions of the laws of Republic of Bulgaria in force.


Registration and identification


SUSSAM.COM identifies users on the site by storing the log-files on the server of domain.com and the IP address of the user.

SUSSAM.COM has the right to collect and use information regarding the users on a basis and for the purpose of performance of the contract concluded with the user based on the general terms. The information through which the person can be identified may include full name, telephone, address and email. The information includes anything else the user enters, uses or provides when using the services provided by SUSSAM.COM.

Only people above 16 years of age can register on the website. When registering the person marks a check box, with which he/she declares that he is 16 and above.  


SUSSAM.COM renders due care for the protection of the user's information that it has received on the occasion of the registration except in cases of force majeure, accident or malicious actions by third parties.

In the registration form filled by the user upon registering, SUSSAM.COM notes the mandatory or voluntary character of providing data and the consequences of refusing to provide them.

SUSSAM.COM can disclose personal data to third parties only in the cases provided by the law and under the circumstances provided by the law or with the explicit consent of the users. 


The user can register by filling the specific electronic registration form accessible in real time (online) in Internet on the SUSSAM.COM website, to express consent with the general terms.

By pressing the virtual button named "Register" or other similar text intended to confirm in writing the general terms, the user makes an electronic statement in the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act which declares that the user is familiar with the general terms, accepts them and will observe them. SUSSAM.COM can store in log files on its server the IP address of the user as well as any other information necessary for identifying or reproducing the electronic statement for accepting the general terms in case of a legal dispute. The text of the General Terms is accessible on the Internet on the SUSSAM.COM site in a way that allows its storage and reproduction.

When filling in the registration form, the user must provide complete and accurate data regarding the identity (for physical persons), legal status (for legal persons) and other data required from the electronic form of SUSSAM.COM as well as updating them within 7 (seven) day term after their amendment. The user declares its consent to provide the required personal data and guarantees that the data it provides in the process of registering are correct, complete and accurate and in case of change, it will update them promptly. In case that incorrect data are provided SUSSAN.COM has the right to stop or suspend immediately and without notice the provision of services, as well as maintaining the user registration.


During the registration the user receives a unique username that can be the email the user specifies and a password for access to the services available through the website of SUSSAM.COM.


The username the user registers with does not give any other rights, except those explicitly specified in these General Terms.

A person who is registered as a representative of a legal entity shall enter his/her full name and address, respectively the name of the legal person he/ she represents.

The user must take care and the necessary measures which are needed to protect the password and shall not give its password to third parties and shall immediately notify SUSSAM.COM for any unauthorized access as well as for any suspicion about that. It shall also carry the risk of protecting its password, as well as all actions that are done by it or a third party through using its password.